Emedia Approach

Our Approach to Building a Website - Open communication spurs inspiration

A successful website is one the communicates your message effectively. Emedia believes in communication. It's at the center of our website building philosophy and it is what makes good websites truly stand out. Our years of experience have taught us that in order to make sure a project stays on-track, on-time and on-budget, the back-and-forth of good communication is a must.

We begin our process by asking our customers questions such as the following:

    * Why do you need a website?
    * Who do you expect/want to visit your site?
    * What do you expect them to do when they get to your site?
    * What is the purpose/mission of the website you want to develop?

We want to know what everyone in the client's organization expects from their online presence. Our goal is always to identify all relevant audiences, the expectations of those audiences, and the goal of our client in addressing each audience.  We then prepare materials to demonstrate our understanding of the client's goals, requirements, and audiences. We then review these materials with clients to identify any gaps in our planning and to iron out any differences in thinking. Once this review is complete, and a plan agreed upon, we move forward with the solution process.


Before we build a site, we determine who will see it, what they want to see, why we are showing it to them, and where everything goes. The foundation get laid first; then we construct the building. Doing a good job here makes every other phase—including graphic design, layout, functionality, and testing—much easier.

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